About loose SWAROVSKI crystal Elements

SWAROVSKI are sellers of loose components and crystals, it supplies loose SWAROVSKI crystal components to designers and manufacturers who then incorporate them into their finished branded products. Our supplier is SWAROVSKI verified producer and reseller, we inlay real SWAROVSKI Crystal to make each item more brilliant & valuable.

Please note that these products are not and cannot be branded as a SWAROVSKI finished piece, and the loose SWAROVSKI components and crystals do not have any laser etching or branding attached.






Welcome to the world of STRASS Swarovski Crystal. STRASS brings you the world¨s largest selection of crystal shapes, colors and effects in lighting and interior design. STRASS and Swarovski are registered trademarks of Swarovski AG.

The STRASS trademark is a visible expression of Swarovski commitment and competence in producing crystal components for traditional and modern lighting as well as various applications for living and bath interiors. The STRASS quality signature engraved into each crystal and the STRASS; certificate are your guarantee of authenticity.

Whether you seek a classic or modern lighting design, decor for living accessories, furniture, flooring, tiles, fittings or handles, whether a bathroom accessory or a Feng Shui element - STRASS Swarovski Crystal captures the tiniest ray of sunlight and transform entire living spaces with shimmering brilliance.

Every single STRASS crystal component is unmistakably identifiable by the STRASS; logo indelibly engraved into it. This quality signature is a guarantee of high Swarovski; quality standards in purity, precision and brilliance. Any products that you create exclusively with 100 percent STRASS; Swarovski Crystal will also carry the STRASS certificate.


      The packaging of STRASS Swarovski Crystals